Nick Ward

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Nick Ward
Director Of Marketing, Blitz
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    United States
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    Los Angeles
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Biz Dev
Team Management
Social Media
Google Suite
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  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Operations
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Nick Ward

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My Skills

Web Development

I have been creating fast, modern websites for over a decade. From small businesses to large publications, I have helped optimize client's digital real estate.

Data Visualizations

Raw data is complex. I create data visualizations to better understand large data sets and how they can help improve almost every aspect of a business.

Business Development

10 years of building and consulting for small businesses has given me valuable insight on how to refine operations with a focus on automation.

Digital Marketing

I have vast experience marketing events, music products and services for the largest festivals and brands around the world; generating over 7 billion impressions. 

Programmatic Advertising

Consulting both small and large companies how to optimize digital advertising budgets and campaigns, ensuring they hit KPI goals in the most cost effective manner.

Strategic Partnerships

Strong partners are vital to growing a business. I established key partnerships and sponsorships in both the entertainment and financial sectors.


Brian Deller
Brian Deller
CEO, Virtual Sports

From building us a new website, managing e-commerce, creating content, data tracking and digital marketing, Nick has been a treasure trove of useful information when it comes to creative problem solving and strategic implementation. I would would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in doubling or tripling their revenue/ROI.

Saba Khan-Smith
Saba Khan-Smith
Managing Partner, 1890 Wealth Solutions

Before Nick 1890 Wealth Solutions had zero web presence. With the pandemic forcing our business online, Nick helped us navigate the waters and build a cost effective digital operations strategy. Fantastic automation tools makes our marketing funnel run at 100%. We had no idea how powerful our data could be when it came to digital marketing! 

Warren Elkin
Warren Elkin
Senior Advisor, Norhill Wealth Strategies

Thank God for Nick!! He was essential to my practice by helping me implement some much needed infrastructure. I used to be all over the place, but after Nick helped me set up a CRM, data tracking, drip marketing, and a few other tools, I now have the capacity to achieve the growth I have been looking for. I no longer dread building out scalable departments!